Pacific Northwest Chapter
of MLA

Leaders 2010 - 2019


  Chair Chair-Elect Past Chair Recording
Treasurer Chapter Council
2015         Mahria Lebow   Todd Hannon & Amy Harper
2014 Mary Beth Simiele
 Karri Alderson
 Kim Granath
 Douglas Hambley
Mahria Lebow Liisa Rogers Todd Hannon & Amy Harper
2013 Kim Granath Mary Beth Simiele Valerie Lawrence Tori Koch Mahria Lebow Liisa Rogers Todd Hannon & Amy Harper
2012 Valerie Lawrence Kim Granath Laurel Egan Mary Beth Simiele Sally Bremner Betsy Bartholomew Rose Relovo & Todd Hannon
2011 Laurel Egan Valerie Lawrence Noelle Harling Beth Hill Sally Bremner Judith Hayes Rose Relovo & Todd Hannon
2010 Noelle Harling Laurel Egan Kathy Murray Valerie Lawrence Sally Bremner Judith Hayes Kim Granath & Rose Relovo

Committee Chairs

Archives: Janet Schnall, 2010-2013

Bylaws: Janet Schueller, 2010-2013

Communications: Kathy Murray, 2013

Conference Planning: Kathy Murray, 2010-2013

Governmental Relations: Bob Richart 2010-2011; open, 2012; Carol Galganski 2013

Group Purchasing: Pam Spickelmier, 2010-2011; disbanded 2012

Mentoring & Recruitment: Dolores Judkins, 2010-2011; Liisa Rogers & Lisa Oberg, 2012

MLA Nominating Committee Candidate: Susan Barnes, 2010; Sherrilynne Fuller, 2011; Heidi Sue Adams, 2012; Jackie Wirz, 2013; Beth Hill, 2014

Nominating & Elections: Kathy Murray, 2010; Noelle Stello, 2011; Laurel Egan, 2012; Val Lawrence, 2013

Professional Development: Chris Shaffer, 2010-2012; Janet Tapper, 2013

Program: Dolores Judkins & Todd Hannon, 2010; Liisa Rogers, 2011; Dolores Judkins & Todd Hannon (Emerging Roles Symposium, 2012; Kathy Murray, 2013

Publications: Kathy Murray, 2010-2011; changed to Communications 2012

Technology: Hope Leman, 2010-2011; Amy Harper, 2012

AHIP Liaison: Joan Wilson, 2010-2012

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