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Cruise Options

Kathleen _ Murray

Hi all

I have had a couple of questions and a suggestion.

There are two ways to travel by boat through the inside passage cruise - cruise ships and the Alaska Marine Highway. The AMH stops in Haines, so you will need to get from there to Anchorage. As for cruises, I've only looked at the Princess website - there are many other cruise options.

There are two options for a 7-day inside passage that fit into the meeting schedule - the northbound leaves Vancouver on Sept 7 and arrives in Whittier on the 14th. The bus from Whittier to Anchorage takes a little over an hour.

Voyage of the Glaciers - Coral Princess |Diamond Princess |Island Princess |Sapphire Princess|

From Vancouver, British Columbia to Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska

Ports: Vancouver, British Columbia | Ketchikan, Alaska | Juneau, Alaska| Skagway, Alaska | Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (Scenic Cruising) | College Fjord, Alaska (Scenic Cruising) | Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska

There is a 7-day southbound trip leaving Anchorage/Whittier on the 18th. In both cases, a one-way flight would also be part of your travel plans.

As we get the website for the meeting in place, we'll include this sort of information. But for anyone contemplating this option, I thought some information at this stage might be helpful.

Cheers and happy planning,

Travel in style to the meeting
Kathleen _ Murray

Hi all,
Have you considered coming to the meeting via the inside passage? If so, Princess has a cruise from Sept 7-14 - that gets you to Alaska in time for one day of CE and the meeting.

I've done this cruise and it is memorable - amazing scenery and open water for just a couple of hours if you have concerns about how well you might travel on water. I get seasick thinking about getting into a kayak - and had no queasy episodes at all.

Hoping to see you in Anchorage this September,

Complimentary shuttle!
Kathleen _ Murray
HLIB-NW Mon Feb 4 13:01:18 PST 2013

Hi all,
I was just informed that there is a Residence Inn complimentary shuttle service to Ted Stevens International Airport (reservation required) by a local librarian. One less expense....

Thanks for sharing this information Greta.

Preliminary Costs
Kathleen _ Murray
HLIB-NW Mon Feb 4 12:47:55 PST 2013

Hi all,
We are in the very preliminary stages of the budget for the meeting this fall. I have been asked a couple of times for what this may cost so folks can make plans.

I can confirm that the hotel rate will be $99/night plus taxes for a single and $159/night plus taxes for a two-room suite. This rate is good for a few days before and after the conference, too. This is a Residence Inn -- literally steps from the conference venue. The Residence Inn rooms have a kitchen and small living room/sitting room. They provide a full breakfast (hot and cold options).

I hear plane fares are falling a bit with the reduced cost of fuel. There are multiple options - though Alaska Airlines fly to most of the locations within our region. Jet Blue is likely the cheapest option for folks who can fly out of Seattle - around $350 today. Alaska Airlines is much higher - $600 for direct flights - you can save almost $200 if you want to visit LAX first!! These numbers were flying roundtrip from Seattle to Anchorage. Be aware that Jet Blue has one flight a day each way, so these seats are likely to fill up fast. I searched and there are cheaper options ... but you pay in inconvenience by changing planes, flying to LAX, and taking really early or really late flights.

As for the conference fee - it will be less than the norm since I am doing everything I can to keep the meeting costs down. I'm shooting for $100-$150 dollars. If you budget $200 you'd be very safe - I really do not expect to go above $150.

Taxis from the airport to the hotel will probably be $25 one-way.

If you stay over Tuesday (or fly out late), I'm hoping to have a ½ day tour that will be about $50/person.

As a reminder, the dates of the meeting are Sep 14 & 15th for CE and Sep 16 & 17th for the conference.

Hope to see you this fall in Anchorage.


Call for Contributed Papers,STAT!Talks, and Posters
Sally J Bremner
Wed Jan 16 11:22:52 PST 2013

PNC/MLA 2013 Conference

BP Energy Center, Anchorage, Alaska ~ September 14-17, 2013

Call for Contributed Papers, STAT!Talks, and Posters for presentation on September 17th.

Deadline: To be considered, submissions must be received no later than May 1, 2013.

Visual Stories Transform is our theme, so we encourage you to incorporate images or other visual media in your presentations as much as possible.

Contributed Papers

Accepted contributed papers will each be allotted a minimum of 15 minutes for presentation and questions.

Please submit the following:

* title of the paper

* an abstract of 250 words or less

* author(s) name(s), address, email(s) and work phone number(s)


The Program Committee is also inviting submissions for STAT!Talks. STAT!Talks give members the opportunity to contribute content to the conference in a less formal manner than a traditional contributed paper. For example, share your experiences with a project, a service, or a product. Each presenter will be asked to limit their talk to no more than five minutes.

Please submit the following:

* topic and a short description

* your name, address, email and work phone number


Poster sessions, which provide visual displays of information about new research findings or descriptions of creative new programs or practices, provide an optional format to contributed papers.

Please submit the following:

* outline of the topic

* an abstract of 250 words or less

* author(s) name(s), address, email(s) and work phone number(s)
Please e-mail submissions to Sally Bremner by July 1st. Acceptance will be confirmed by July 31, 2013. 
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